Delivering Solar Financial Solutions

You know how to build solar. We know how to finance it.

Financing commercial solar can seem complex. Our expert team at Open Energy is here to help you evaluate your options and find the best solution for your project or company.

Whether you don’t know where to start, not sure what the options are, or simply want to make sure you have the most competitive offer, Open Energy can help.

Overview of Open Energy Services:

Project Debt (i.e., loan)

Tax Equity


Solar Project Sales

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

Corporate Debt (for any company in the solar field—you don’t need to be a developer)

Other energy efficiency and renewable energy finance? While solar is our bread and butter, we can provide finance solutions for LED Lighting, Battery/Storage, Existing/New Building Energy Efficiency, and other Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency projects.

First tranche investors and non-recourse partners with existing projects can log into our original portal here.


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