Investing with Open Energy

There is nothing more valuable than predictable, long-term cash flows. Open Energy’s innovative debt financing solutions and unique marketplace lending model opens the door to attractive investment opportunities. Commercial solar can reliably generate electricity for up to 30 years, providing accredited and institutional investors with steady returns. Our proprietary technology process allows us to source and structure solar project loans on a strict risk methodology, providing our investors with security and choice around their investment products.

Our mission is to bring the standardization of loans found in other markets to the solar sector, making it an attractive asset class for institutional investors.

Prime Loan Servicing

We work with Cortland Investment Servicing as our independent primary loan servicer. With unparalleled expertise in commercial and industrial small business loans, Cortland is emerging as the industry standard for commercial solar loans.

Experienced Legal Team

We bring amazing expertise and fixed transaction costs with our legal partner, Loeb & Loeb. With over 100 years of history, we couldn’t think of a better firm to handle the due diligence of our loans.

Industry-Standard Rating

Assessing risk is a critical component of our work and an important consideration for investors. We are working with Moody’s to establish a baseline of credit ratings for the commercial solar sector and unrated borrowers.

Comprehensive Data Aggregation

At Open Energy, we strongly believe in transparency. We work with kWh Analytics to aggregate performance data, which allows us to monitor our projects and provide real-time access to a detailed project analysis for our investors.

For more information about commercial solar investment opportunities, please contact us at 917-410-7282. We welcome institutional investors, managed funds and accredited individual investors.

Please contact us at 917-410-7282 to find out more.