(optional) - typically your cashflow will be an Excel files showing the past five years' cashflow for your project. Please include any other relevant information to assist us in expediting your submission. max size - 10Mb

Maximize value for your next project.

Sell faster for more with the power of Open Energy's Finance Portal, matching your project with our investor network.


Discover new opportunity potential

Rapid Implementation

Open Energy's unparalleled expertise reduces your time to market, placing your opportunity in front of investors with speed and accuracy.

Boost visibility

The Open Energy platform gives you access to hundreds of registered investors. We'll work with you to ensure you're getting the best coverage for your opportunity.

Full control

You'll be in full control of the bidding process, with access to live bid data, the ability to amend and expand your opportunity's presentation, and respond to any investor queries.

Maximize efficiency

Open Energy's streamlined process ensures you'll be targeting those investors who are most likely to bid. You can see bids as they arrive, and act accordingly.

THE Dashboard for Developers

Instant Editing

Adjust and extend any part of your opportunity brochure with our comprehensive tools for adding maps, updating text, adding links and attaching files for your investors.

Real-time Bid visibility

Watch as your bids come in, request more information, and compare with other bids. Full transparency on which investors are interacting with all your opportunities.

Live Q & A

Take the hassle out of investor queries through a single, unified question-and-answer dashboard functionality.

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