Lease Application + Review Process

We’ve simplified the borrowing process into easy steps, so you can get the funds for your solar system quickly.

Stage 1

Start Application

  • Start application by clicking green “Apply Now” button above
  • Application automatically generates an account on our easy-to-use Online portal
  • Immediately receive indicative quote by email

How long will it take? A few minutes

Stage 2


  • Input basic financial information to determine if Lessee receives pre-approval

How long will it take? About 5 minutes

Stage 3

Credit Review *

  • Upload Lessee financial documentation, input info on solar equipment, and input current Lessee electricity costs
  • Lessee signs lease

How long will it take? A few hours

Stage 4

Release of Funds

  • Upload documentation showing construction of solar project is complete

How long will it take? A few minutes

* There will be an additional stage if you are seeking finance to construct the solar project. This chart illustrates the process to receive funds after construction is complete.

If you have any questions about borrowing from Open Energy, do please call 917-410-7282 , or start your application right away.