Loan Application + Review Process

We've simplified the borrowing process into easy steps, and we can help you get up-and-running and receiving the funds you need to help grow your business.

Stage 1

Sign Up

10 minutes
  • Signing up is free and straightforward.
  • No obligation to begin your application right away.
  • Immediate access to our secure borrower portal.
  • See at all times what progress your application is making.

Stage 2


45 minutes
  • Start as many applications as you wish, save them and come back to them later.
  • Assign multiple locations and infrastructure to a single project.
  • Configure company-wide access to the application.
  • Open Energy will help you ensure we have all the information we need.

Stage 3

Credit Decision

2-5 days
  • Learn within 48 hours if your application is approved.
  • Applications can be duplicated and amended for your convenience.

Stage 4


1-3 days
  • Gather together supporting documentation for your application.
  • Our portal will clearly see what information we require.
  • We use e-signing for any agreements that need to be signed.
  • We'll collaborate to make sure we have all the information we require.

Stage 5


3 weeks
  • Open Energy will perform due diligence on all aspects of your project.
  • Legal compliance and financial checks are made.
  • We'll take care of preparation of loan documentation.

Stage 6


  • We'll sign contracts and issue you with your funds.

If you have any questions about borrowing from Open Energy, do please call 917-410-7282 , or start your application right away.