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Open Energy provides between $0.5m and $20m in non-recourse debt financing for solar projects. By standardizing documentation, fixing transaction costs and streamlining the financing process, Open Energy rapidly processes your loan application and allows you to quickly tap into the potential of solar power. Compared to traditional lenders, Open Energy’s solution can reduce total transaction fees by approximately 70 percent.

Term Finance

Term Finance

Team Finance

Construction Finance

Team Finance

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Team Finance

Project Bids + Prequalifying

Based on internal data using a $2 million loan

Open Energy
Typical Business Loan**
100% online and automated. A simple application process is followed by immediate notification on your loan.
Application Requirements
Multi-page loan documents, income statements, tax records and collateral must be provided in hard-copy.
Thirty minutes*
Time to Apply
Thirty days *
Time to Loan
Six months to one year
We'll tailor your loan to suit your business
Stringent and inflexible borrowing requirements
Our knowledgeable Open Energy team will assist you at every stage of your application
Customer Service
Call center based customer service team, often outsourced

* Open Energy will initially score your application, and then proceed to due diligence and document submission. Time stated is typical time taken to process loan once documentation is submitted.

** Comparisons based on feedback from existing Open Energy clients. Individual response time or terms with another provider could be different than stated above.

Open Energy's team have more than 20 years combined experience in Wall Street and solar financing.
With Open Energy's innovative, technology-enabled solutions that simplify the financing process, the commercial market will reach its full potential.

What does it cost?

We've simplified the lending process. Get approved from $500,000 to $20,000,000 and get your investment up and running quickly and efficiently.

How much do you need?

Typically we lend between $500k and $20m but we have the flexibility to offer larger or smaller loans depending on project viability.

For how long?

Most loans will be between five and twenty years, and should be completed within the period covered by any PPA.

Sample Open Energy Loan

Estimate is based on a typical fee of 1.95% and an interest rate of 6.5%. Actual rates may vary.

Loan Amount
Total Loan Fee
Total Interest

Quarterly Repayments

per quarter

Payment Schedule

Our simple payment process means you'll be able to clearly predict your repyament. Repayments are typically made quarterly to Open Energy.

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Loan Amount
Total Loan Fee
Total Interest

Quarterly Repayments

per quarter

Estimate is based on a typical fee of 1.95% and an interest rate of 6.5%. Actual rates may vary.

Trusted by Industry Owners

Open Energy helps businesses embrace solar energy. We're the industry leader in providing working capital online.

Guy Vanderhaegen Open Energy provided an important service in providing us loan capital in an underserved commercial loan market. The Open Energy project loan enabled us to debt finance a well constructed, operational solar project that provided us with the capital to assist in expanding our existing solar project base.

Guy Vanderhaegen — Managing Partner Origis USA

Carlos Mayer Open Energy provided us with a great loan solution. They are extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to finding effective financing solutions for great projects and are a pleasure to work with. The loan process was smooth and efficient and our loan was funded faster than conventional financing sources. We are pleased to have funded a portfolio of projects with Open Energy and look forward to working with them again in the future.

Guy Vanderhaegen We are very pleased to have received a portfolio loan from Open Energy. They were fast, responsive, and their non-recourse loan was expertly structured, to unlock trapped project cash and enable us to expand our solar business. We look forward to working with Open Energy for our next non-recourse, solar debt financing solution.

Grant Biggar I'm very impressed by the innovative and revolutionary funding model that has been developed by Open Energy and I'm very excited to participate in the first senior loan financing. The high return offered, relative to the risk assumed, is a welcome addition to fixed income investors portfolios in the current low yield environment. I'm sure future offerings from Open Energy will be just as successful.

Grant Biggar — Fin-Tech investor and Advisor

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