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Open Energy is a full-service broker and consultancy offering renewable energy project and corporate finance solutions, via innovative direct lending technology for the mid-market renewable energy sector. We deliver one-stop financing solutions facilitating deal flow access for investors and enabling our customers to maximize their financial outcomes.

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With more than $2 billion of renewable energy projects underwritten, and a network of hundreds of IPPs, private equity firms, utilities, banks & lenders , Open Energy knows renewable energy finance. With 50+ years of finance and renewables experience, our expert team at Open Energy is here to help you evaluate your financing options and potential partners, and find the best solution for your project or company.

OEG has secured over $200mm in sales proceeds, term debt, tax equity, construction and bridge debt, and corporate finance solutions for its clients.

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We bring renewable energy opportunities to you. Open Energy provides investors vetted access to the US renewable energy market, offering renewable investment deal flow at project, portfolio and corporate levels. We ensures deal transparency and diligent communication in order for investors to efficiently assess and accurately price investment opportunities.

Using our market expertise and proprietary technology, we streamline the financing and sale process to source projects that fit your portfolio and your timeline.

If you’re an investor and would like to access our renewable energy deal flow we’d love to speak with you.