Open Energy is a full-service broker and consultancy offering renewable energy project and corporate finance solutions to the mid-market renewable energy sector.

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Open Energy provides financial solution services to solar and other renewable energy developers and facilitates access to the capital markets. We specialize in solving all capital needs for assets from 500kW to 50MW.

We deliver one-stop financing solutions, supported by proprietary technology, facilitating deal flow access for investors and enabling our clients to maximize their financial outcomes return and drive growth.

Asset Sales

Drawing on a network of 100+ IPPs, private equity firms and utilities, Open Energy runs tailored, transparent and efficient institutional sales processes to put each project in front of all relevant asset purchasers.

Project Finance

Leveraging experience as a creative lender and relationships with more than 100+ project debt and tax equity providers, Open Energy will find compatible and competitive project finance solutions based on each project’s needs.

Corporate & Esoteric Finance

Through extensive relationships in finance, technology, and renewable energy and an in-depth understanding of market trends and capital pricing, we offer our clients bespoke financing solutions services to creatively meet the needs of unique situations.

Unique Technology

Open Energy’s proprietary auction process technology empowers our team to achieve results for our clients transparently, quickly and effectively.

Trusted by hundreds of firms, it provides wide market reach and unique insights


The Open Energy Finance Portal allows you to view investor activity, investor bids, and a preview of the investor view of the deal. It provides full interactivity with the deal, allowing you to access and edit deal data and answer deal questions in real time.


The Open Energy Marketplace Portal allows you to view your deals, submit bids, and download a complete data pack for the opportunity. It is continually updated with the deal status and Q & As through the lifecycle of the project.

Open Energy has underwritten more than $3 billion of mid-market renewable energy transactions, and enabled the long term success for projects as principal financier, broker or introducer.

Capital Financed

We have helped secure more than $200mm in sales proceeds, term debt, tax equity, construction and bridge debt, and corporate finance solutions for its clients.

Projects Financed

We have financed or sold more than 130MW-dc of solar, across fifteen states and 30+ separate transactions.

Open Energy has a strategic partnership with Ignite Renewable Capital that leverages our collective business and sector experience.

We match low-carbon projects with optimal financing solutions, delivering competitively priced capital investment for a sustainable future.


Clarity of process and visibility of how we work for our clients is our priority.


We’re believers and investors in the power of technology to help us deliver faster, scaleable, better solutions for our clients.


Our commitment to transparency through technology-enabled service helps us build trust across the business, inside and out.

If you would like to access Open Energy’s renewable energy deal flow please contact us.

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