Open Energy Capital Lease

Open Energy is pleased to announce a solar capital lease program for small to medium-sized commercial and industrial property owners, from $250,000 upwards.

This lease requires no money down, offers a fixed monthly payment and a $1.00 buyout at the end of the lease term. All environmental, incentive and tax attributes associated with the project directly benefit the Lessee (as applicable ).

Lease Features

  • Competitive lease rates
  • Fast application process and credit decisions
  • 100% financing with no money down
  • Low transaction costs
  • Simple lease documentation

Lease Terms

  • Term options range from 84-120 months
  • The business enjoys the benefit of depreciation, interest expenses and tax incentives*
  • Leases are treated as loans for booking purposes as they fully amortize over the term of the lease
  • Choose from a variety of payment options to best fit your budget
  • No surprises at the end of the lease; $1.00 buyout.

* Please check with your tax advisor to determine how a capital lease structure, combined with solar project tax incentives may benefit your organization.

Capital Lease Application

What does it cost?

We've simplified the financing process. Get a $250,000 to $2,000,000 solar system financed fast to allow you to build the system with minimal delay.

Total system install costs?

Typically we finance between $250k and $2m but we have the flexibility to offer larger or smaller leases depending on project viability.

For how long?

Lease duration will be between seven and ten years.

Sample Open Energy Capital Lease

Estimate is based on an interest rate of 7.50%. Actual rate may vary.

Lease Amount
Monthly Payment
Annual Payment
Total Lease Fee $1,000

Monthly Payments

per month

Payment Schedule

{{loanDuration}} Year Annual Payment End of Year Outstanding
Year {{row[0]}} {{row[4]}} {{row[3]}}


Lease Amount
Monthly Payment
Annual Payment
Total Fee $1,000

Monthly Repayments

per month

Estimate is based on an interest rate of 7.50%. Actual rate may vary.

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